Mon, 1 Jul 1991 12:45:07 EDT

Ah, I have finally been able to post a message! As a new Ultralite owner,
I've been compiling a FEW things to mention...

1. The Ultralite (according to Speed105) is the equivalent of a 6 Mhz
286 in normal mode (original IBM AT) and a 3 Mhz AT in half speed mode.
In terms of PC/XT's, it's 3 times the speed of an XT in nomral mode
and 1.5 times the speed in half speed mode. Also, the disk drive DOES
double in speed as well (silicon HD) when it is put into double speed mode.

2. There is a company called Safeware which insured computers. They agreed
to insure my laptop (or any in the under $2000 category) for $49 yearly.
Has anyone dealt with them before? It
s supposed to be insured against all theft, damage, etc (unless left
in an unattended car.) Would this cover the Nicad battery (Internal)?