Neophyte's questions

D. Brahm (
Tue, 11 Jun 91 13:10:03 PDT

Hi, everyone!

Please forgive these naive questions from a new Ultralite owner. I've
succeeded in loading and running Epsilon (a mini-Emacs), Kermit 3.01,
DGSET.COM, and Microsoft Fortran, but some things mentioned in the mailing
list are unclear to me, to wit:

1) How do you run DGTERM? (I type DGTERM and get the prompt again!).
2) Who or what is SIMTEL? They seem to have all the nifty programs. Is
there much overlap with the Resource Package from Personalized Computing?
3) What do I do with XEQ.ARC and all the PK... programs?
4) How can I edit a disk sector if I don't have Norton Utilities?

On availability:
pastor@PRC.Unisys.COM wrote that the UL's are not in DAK's summer
catalog. I bought mine from the DAK Showroom Friday 6/7, and they had
several dozen sitting there for the taking. I'm sure you could still get
one now. IME has claimed for several weeks that they are expecting 18 more
refurbished units "in a couple weeks"; they are keeping a list of people
who call expressing interest.

P.S. Many thanks to Brian Smithson & Dale Gass, who are turning the mild-
mannered Ultralite into a virtual Supercomputer!

-- David Brahm (