Hows about.....
Tue, 11 Jun 91 15:46:52 EDT

I've had my UL for about a month now. It is a refurbished unit.

1) I get tremendous glare off the screen if using it in an well
lit area. The problem is worse if I'm wearing a light-colored
shirt? Anybody know any good tricks for this (other than wearing
a dark shirt and/or waiting for the sun to go down?

2) The capslock key is where the control key should be and vice-versa.
Can anybody suggest a TSR which might change this to some more
'typist-compliant' arrangement?

3) Is there a newer version of LapLink available? I want to write
a script of what files should be transferred and have that be
the end of the matter. LapLink's interactive interface
is great unless you want to transfer the same files every day!

4) I've PKLITEd some executables, but it is data that is killing me.
Has anybody used 'Stacker' on a UL?

5) Somebody said something about a successor to LITES.COM that might
actually work. Did it? If so, what is it?

6) I've also seen mention of DGTERM. Where would I find that?