Need item # of UL for DAK!

Hyunsuk Seung (
Tue, 11 Jun 91 14:46:08 EDT

I'm trying to order UltraLite from DAK, but I haven't received
their catalog, and since it seems as though UL will be out of
stock quickly (or maybe it is gone already) I would appreciate
if someone out there with an old DAK's catalog would send me
the item numbers concerning UL. DAK's customer service is busy
all the time and the operator would not take orders unless I have
the item numbers.

I am planning to order the following:

- UltraLite (2mb version)
- 3.5" external drive
- extra battery

By the way, what's a good word processor for UL (should be small
with the ability to manipulate large texts)?

Thanks in advance!

H. Seung	4001 Pine St. 2-F
		University of Pennsylvania	Philadelphia, PA 19104