additions to the ultralite-archive

Brian Smithson (brian@king)
Mon, 10 Jun 1991 16:03:54 -0700

pastor@PRC.Unisys.COM (Jon Pastor) submitted an updated copy of PKLITE
(version 1.05). Its in src/pklte105/pklte105.uu1 and src/pklte105/pklte105.uu2.

I found a cut-and-paste utility which I like better than SNIPPER.COM or anything
else I've tried. The documentation is somewhat humorous (probably not
intentionally), but the utility seems to do what I want. It's called
KUTSGLUE and is in src/kutsgl10/kutsgl10.uu.

Both of these are available on SIMTEL if that's available to you.

I've also added another digest, digests/ulite-8, to the archive. It includes
the list traffic from May 23 to May 31.

-Brian Smithson
 Motorola Inc., Computer Group, Commercial Systems Division
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