UltraLite Resource Package from Personalized Computing

Douglas Brantley, Cerritos College (BRANTLEY@Cerritos.EDU)
Wed, 22 May 1991 14:31 PDT

I am still reading the seven back issues of "The UltraLite
Connection" newsletter from Personalized Computing and will do an
overview of the newsletters when I am done reading them.

To give you a little history....

I had called Personalized Computing a couple of weeks ago and
talked with their Director of Sales Brian Teitzman. At that time
I asked him about their inventory of UltraLite products and the
newsletter. I also asked about posting to this mailing list the
contents of a couple of articles. (I think the request to post
the articles was lost in the translation.)

The newsletter has a copyright statement, and they are attempting
to sell the back issues as "The UltraLite Resource Package". As a
source for information on the UltraLite, the folks at Personalized
Computing have been very helpful and I do not want to infringe on
their copyright.

Therefore, I have decided to include in this message the sales
information on the "UltraLite Resource Package" provided by
Personalized Computing. This is sent to persons that call
Personalized Computing and want information on the package or the
UltraLite Connection newsletter.

In the spirit of this mailing list I must say that a good deal of
the information in the newsletter may be too general for this
crowd and geared toward the beginning PC user. But I must say
that the article on changing cluster size is very good and does
increase available disk space.

Get the most from your NEC UltraLite --

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Dear UltraLite user,

We are no longer publishing The UltraLite Connection -- and that
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The NEC UltraLite Resource Package contains all the resources you
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* ALL 7 ISSUES of The UltraLite Connection published between
November, 1990 and December, 1991.

* The 1990 UltraLite Connection Subscriber's Disk, filled with
valuable software especially for the NEC Ultralite, or any
PC-compatible computer.

* The UltraLite Connection Powerpack Disk, more great software for
the Ultra- Lite, including powerful file compression programs, word
processing and spreadsheet software, and more!

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Best wishes,

Richard Hall, Editor

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envelope and send your order to:

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P.O. Box 869
Fairfield, IA 52556

or call: (800) 373-6114


Dear UltraLite user:

Thank you very much for your subscription to The UltraLite

We published seven issues of the newsletter before NEC discontinued
producing the UltraLite. In addition, we created two software
disks: the 1990 Subscribers Disk and the PowerPack Disk, both
chocked full of useful and powerful programs and utilities for the
UltraLite. (My favorites include LZEXE, NYET, and LHARC.)

For the normal one-year subscription fee of $39 we are including
the seven issues, the 1990 Subscribers Disk, and as a special free
bonus, the Power- Pack disk.

We still carry many of the software and hardware products and
supplies advertised in The UltraLite Connection. We are open for
business Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central
Standard Time. You can call us at 800-373-6114 for product
availability and current pricing.


Hal Goldstein
President, Personalized Computing

P.S. To make more room on your electronic hard disk I strongly
recommend Squish Plus (see Fall, 1989 issue, page 15) and The
Norton Utilities, version 4.0 (see "Cluster Size Modification"
article, January/February 1990 issue, page 18).


Get The Most From Your NEC UltraLite --
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Read what other NEC UltraLite users say about The
UltraLite Connection and The NEC UltraLite Resource Package.

"Great little magazine. I've learned a lot about the UltraLite
from it. We wouldn't have been able to use the UltraLite without
your magazine. It's great help."
Gail Harris
Libertyville, Illinois

"The article on cluster resizing was great! I tried it and it
worked -- it made the whole subscription worthwhile in that one
article. Thanks!"
Steven Pinney
Irvine, California

"I want to compliment you on an excellent job of providing clear
and concise information to the UltraLite users."
Lamar Curtis
Austin, Texas

"I like the many contributions from other UltraLite users."
Manfred Langenegger

"I find your UltraLite newsletter most valuable."
Joseph J. Potts
Marlborough, MA

"Thank you for the magazine. It is particularly useful for me in
England... You are my only source of information."
Oliver Walston
Cambridge, England

"I enjoyed very much the first issue of The UltraLite Connection.
You should know how very helpful your people have been... They
have shown great courtesy and cooperation in getting answers to my
Sholom Comay
Cheswick, Pennsylvania

"The newsletter looks very good."
Catherine R. Marshall
Littleton, Colorado

"I enjoy your publication... It's useful to any UltraLite owner."
R. Shirrell
University President
Chicago, Illinois

"I am a new UltraLite owner. I recently received the latest issue
and back issues of The UltraLite Connection within days of placing
my order. I spent the better part of last weekend reading,
rereading, and then highlighting numerous articles in these issues.
Wow! What a treasure trove of valuable information! First I
exclaimed with delight to learn of NEC's battery upgrade program;
next I squealed with glee about Squish Plus; then I shouted with
joy about the cluster size modification. In addition, I shrieked
with excitement to learn of CURSOR.COM in Word-Perfect 5.0, and
finally I screamed with bliss over the information about removing
SETUP and MANAGER from my AUTOEXEC.BAT file and removing MANAGER
and COMMAND.COM from my C: drive. At this point, I'm so hoarse I
can hardly manage to whisper my sincere "THANKS" for this job well
done. Therefore, please convey my written expression of
appreciation to your staff and ULC subscribers who have been
generous to share their knowledge with other users such as myself."

Bob Baxter
Scottsdale, Arizona

"The first issue was great -- it didn't talk down to the audience
and provided a good bit of useful information."
Maryann Sinwell
Westmoreland City, PA

"Thank you for the helpful publication."
Judy Balmer, MD
Palo Alto, California

"Your first two issues opened up possibilities I hadn't considered
for my UltraLite... Thanks for your help."
David Province
Frisco, Texas

"The UltraLite Connection is an excellent magazine. Keep it up."
Oliver Walston


Over 30 pieces of useful software
included in The NEC UltraLite Resource Pack!

The NEC UltraLite Resource Pack contains two great software disks
with applications, utilities, and other software to help you get
the most out of your NEC UltraLite.

1990 Subscribers Disk

ARCE . . . . . .File decompression program for .ARC files.
AREACODE . . . .Shows the state for any phone area code and the
area codes within a state.
BATMAST . . . .Combines many batch files into one master file
saving lots of space on your Silicon hard disk.
BCOPY . . . . .Popular background copy program that lets you
do background copies during boot-up.
CAL . . . . . .Economical calendar program.
CHMOD . . . . .Allows you to view/change the attributes of a file.
Similar to the DOS ATTRIB function not included
with the UltraLites version of DOS, but CHMOD
allows you to change the System and Hidden bits
and also those bits for directories as well as
files. Program has nice help screen.
HISTORY . . . .Allows you to use the cursor pad (up arrow, etc.)
to edit and recall past commands. Works great
with MaxFind.
DNAV . . . . . .A powerful DOS shell (disk navigator) program with
excellent Point and Shoot capabilities. Shows
multiple drives so you can see your external and
Silicon drive at the same time. Program has good
file "browse" function and on-line help.
EVAL . . . . . .Evaluates mathematical expressions. Program has
one-page help screen.
FV . . . . . . .Program shows you what files are within an .ARC,
.ZIP, or other compressed files.
KILLDIR3 . . . .Removes a directory branch, with files and lower
INPUT . . . . .Batch file input utility that allows the user to
put multiple choice questions in a batch file.
LHARC . . . . .Free file compression program from Japan that
compresses in the .LZH format.
MAXFIND . . . .Fast and powerful text searching program.
NYET . . . . . .Addictive Russian video game similar to the popular
"Tetris" game.
PAC-GAL . . . .Clone of the PAC-MAN game.
PKZIP . . . . .Set of programs contain what is becoming the
favorite "compression" program for public domain
SDL . . . . . .Similar to the DOS DIR command, this utility
produces a directory listing sorted by name, size,
date, or extension. It lists files in sub-
SLED . . . . . .Small, easy-to-learn text editor that can handle
multiple large files. Includes version for
Hercules-type monochrome displays that shows 43
lines on the screen.
UNERASE . . . .File recovery program.
VDL . . . . . .Wildcard deletion program.
WAITONME . . . .Use within batch files to produce pauses for a
specific number of seconds.
WAITUNTL . . . .Makes the computer wait until a specified time.
XEQ . . . . . .Lets you collect small programs into one program
and save quite a bit of disk space. Comes with 15
additional utilities "inside" it.

ULC Powerpack Disk

LZEXE . . . . .Great file compression program that lets you
compress many .EXE and .COM program files by as
much as 70%. Use this program to compress
executable files and save more of you precious
Silicon hard disk space!
VDE . . . . . .Latest version of a great WordStar-like editor that
allows you work on multiple files in windows,
macros, and use many multiple printer control
commands. John Dvorak of Popular PC Magazine said
VDE "... may be the finest piece of word processing
code ever written."
AS-EASY-AS . . .Value winner of the Lotus 123 clone wars, this
easy-to-use shareware spreadsheet program is
compatible with Lotus 123, versions 2.01 (or other
compatible spreadsheet programs).
SON OF TETRIS. .Another off shoot of the popular Russian game of
STEREO SHELL . .Most recent release (version 3.0) of a popular,
full-featured file manager program.
KERMIT . . . . .Popular data communications program that can be
used when transferring files via modem or serial
port from the NEC UltraLite, or any PC-compatible.
Version 3.0.

And More ...

Order The NEC UltraLite Resource Package today!
Call (800) 373-6114
Over 100 pieces of practical information you'll find
in The NEC UltraLite Resource Package!

When you order The NEC UltraLite Resource Package you'll receive
all the valuable tips & tricks listed below (contained in the seven
issues of The UltraLite Connection). These tips & tricks were
collected from UltraLite experts around the world and will save you
both time and money -- and expand the capabilities of your NEC


Modifying the DOS Manager Applications Menu
Stop the UltraLite's boot-up RAM test
Cluster Modification adds up to 300K of Silicon disk storage space
DOS Edlin made easy
Using Velcro to organize cords and peripherals
Review of the new UltraLite 286V
Backing up files with DOS XCOPY
Important keys and key combinations for the UltraLite
Batch file to test battery life
Compatibility of Sidekick Plus and Flight Simulator
Accessing Sprint and MCI for Modem use
Starting ROM version of WordPerfect
Low System Battery -- what to do
Silicon hard disk backup battery failure
LapLink -- "Not Enough Memory..." message
Using LapLink as a file manager
Screen visibility problems
File storage options
Restore backlighting with SHIFT key
Preserving Silicon hard disk integrity
Additional AC Adaptors
DOS 3.3 on the UltraLite
Using the Modem -- problems and solutions
Modifying UltraLite for replaceable battery packs
Backing up Silicon hard disk for quick recovery
Problems with LapLink
Problems with SmartCom
Putting Lotus 123, 2.2 on a 256K RAM card
Using CompuServe for file transfer
E-Mail + fax to print document hard copy
Replacing RAM card battery
Formatting 720K disks in UltraLite's external drive
Disabling the MS-DOS Manager
Mode command for serial printing
Squish Plus file compression program for the UltraLite
Backing up files using Squish Plus
Minimizing software requirements for popular programs
Emergency rebooting of the UltraLite
Travel tips
Creating a boot-up I.D. message on the UltraLite
Avoid scratching UltraLite's case
External battery packs
Conserving battery charge
Car lighter recharger
Remove COMMAND.COM, save Silicon hard disk space
Personalized Computing buys/sells used UltraLites
Remove SETUP from AUTOEXEC.BAT, save 65K of RAM
Book Reviews: The Win Rosch Hardware Bible;
WordPerfect Macro Library; LaserJet Unlimited;
DeskJet Unlimited
Changing UltraLite Configuration Switches
ROM Card Availability


20MB External Serial Hard Drive
Acoustic Modem Adapter
Auto-Pro Workstation "platforms" for the UltraLite
Carrying cases for the UltraLite
External 5.25" floppy drive for the UltraLite
HP DeskJet Plus (laser-like qualiity printer)
HP LaserJet IIP
HP ThinkJet (inkjet printer)
Kodak Diconix 150 Plus printer
Lap-Top Survival Kit
Laptop Car Seat
Logitech Mouse
Noise Buster telecommunications filter
SafeSkin keyboard protection for the UltraLite
StatPower (converts 12 volt DC car voltage to 115V AC)
WorldPort 2496 (pocket-sized 9600 bps fax)
Xircom Pocket Ethernet Adapter


As-Easy-As spreadsheet program
Batch files
Battery Watch 2.00 for the UltraLite
CURSOR.COM cursor utility
Hot Line Two
LapLink III and the UltraLite version
LetterPerfect -- scaled-down WordPerfect 5.1
Lotus 123 2.01 on ROM card
Lotus 123, 2.0/2.01/2.2 minimum configuration
Lotus Symphony 2.0
LZEXE compression program for .EXE files
Mirror III
MONO.COM cursor utility
MS-Works ROM card
MS-Works, versions 1.0 & 2.0
MTE 2.1 Communications Software
No-Squint cursor utility
Norton Utilities
pcANYWHERE communications software
PCShell 5.5
PC-Write, version 2.5
Procomm Plus
LapLink III
Quattro & Quattro Pro
Squish Plus
UltraEditor -- 40K full-featured ascii text editor
Vi Editor
WordPerfect on ROM card
WordPerfect, versions 4.2, 5.0, & 5.1
XyWrite III+