Modifying cluster size on UL (useful).

Sy Ali (syali@cs.Buffalo.EDU)
Thu, 2 May 91 21:40:33 EDT

Doug Brantley faxed me portions of a mag article describing how to modify
the number of sectors per cluster on the UltraLite. The article is verbose
but the information is USEFUL, so I'll summarize here.

As you know, the cluster size on the UL is 4K which is a REAL waste for
small files (which are unavoidable) which end up using 4K. The instructions
given in the article are for the Norton Utils but any low-level disk utility
should do (there are a couple of PC-Tools clones at Simtel that should
do the job).

Do the following: (offsets are decimal, values are hex [not that it matters]).

1. Backup drive C: as it will get trashed.
2. Edit Sector 0 and modify the following values (Note differences
for different machines).

Offset Old New Old New
------ --- --- --- ---
13 08 02 08 02
22 01 03 02 08

3. Re-boot (probably wanna do this off a floppy).
4. Type:
5. Copy all your files back to drive C and reboot.

The above sets the cluster size to two (offset 13) and increases the FAT
size (offset 22). Thus clusters are 2 x 512 bytes = 1K, much better.

BTW the article says that if you muck things up or want to go back to 4K
clusters, you should boot by holding the Fn, Ctrl, and Alt keys and THEN
pressing the Del key. You will then boot off drive D: and can re-format
C: from the (useless) manager.

I got brave and picked a cluster size of one sector and a FAT size of 08
(on a 1MEG UL). Works fine. Reduced my wasted space from 10% (this accomplished
with MUCH effort) to 1% for my files.

Also, the article mentions that you can delete COMMAND.COM from drive C
by putting the following line in your CONFIG.SYS:

shell=D:\ D:\ /P

If all these articles are as useful, perhaps we should get ALL
back copies of the "Ultralite Connection"? I think Doug's idea about
lobbying Personalized Computing for a "best of" collection is a good
one. Perhaps, we could also try and get some sort of recognition
from NEC? What do other people think?

Cheers, Sy.