IME Computer offering UltraLite PC1702's

Brian Smithson (
26 Apr 91 15:48:33 PDT (Fri)

I recently spoke with IME Computer in Boston. They are the folks have been
advertising in PC Week. What they offer are "factory serviced" 2MB UltraLites
for $699. They do not have any PC1701 1MB models. It's a nice price compared
to DAK's $899 for the same (although DAK throws in a disked copy of MS Works,
for whatever that's worth), but there is some risk because they are possibly
used/abused. I've purchased lease-return GRiD Compasses before, and the
amount of "servicing" can vary from one outlet to another, so I'd check with
these folks to get some statement of what service was done and what condition
the units are in. They do not have accessories or software :-( beyond what
they provide with the base unit. Their US 800 number (sorry, Australia...)
is 800-999-1911.

-Brian Smithson
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