Battery test, suppression of RAM test on booting Ultralite

Fritz Friedlaender (
Sat, 20 Apr 91 18:53:46 -0500

The RAM battery (not removeable) lasted for 8 days plus a few
hours. It was about to die gracefully - as I booted the Ultralite
I got a message telling me to charge the battery, and the backlight
was dimmed (half-brightness). After completing what I was doing
(5 minutes or less) I connected the power supply. Never lost the
RAM though I had backed it up on floppies.
To avoid RAM test on booting, just hit space bar.
Has anybody tried to get a technical manual from NEC? It would
be nice to get pinouts - actually, the RS232 is easy to get
with an ohmmeter. Give me time....
The fact that the unit is 117 volt only is a nuisance - I have
to carry a 220/110 transformer. If it had just a 12 volt d.c.
requirement with a standard plug (like the NEC Multispeed) one
could use a 220/12V power supply, as I did on the Multispeed,
available in Europe (Germany) for less than $12 or so.(at 1 A)