PKLITE [was: Some useful (small) programs...]

Brian Smithson (
Thu, 18 Apr 91 07:40:42 PDT

Sy, you didn't explicitly mention PKLITE. I just got PKLITE 1.03 (or 10.3? --
anyhow, it was called PKLTE103.EXE) from simtel. Is that a recent version?

In any case, I am amazed. It consistently compresses more out of EXE and COM
files than UNIX (or MKS Toolkit) compress, which one would expect since it
is designed for those kinds of files. What is amazing to me is how fast it
uncompresses and loads executables. For example, the UUIO.EXE program from
the uupc package is ~50KB, and with no arguments it loads, spits out an error,
and exits in 1.1 sec. PKLITE'd, it does the same thing in 1.15 sec. 50 msec
to uncompress!? Just what does "PK" stand for -- psychokinesis? :-)

Needless to say, I changed my strategy from "compress infrequently-used
executables and create Korn shell aliases which uncompress and execute them --
oh, and pack a lunch, because uncompress is dog slow" to "PKLITE everything".

The only problem I have had so far is with the Korn shell itself. If I PKLITE
it, it runs OK but will not reload after something like vi is run. I suppose
this might happen if you PKLITE'd

So, I heartily recommend PKLITE to all UltraLite users. If you can't get at
a copy, I've kept a uuencoded copy around and will mail it on request (send
the request to, not to the list).

-Brian Smithson
 Motorola Inc., Computer Group, Commercial Systems Division
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