Brian Smithson (
12 Apr 91 16:15:52 PDT (Fri)

Well, I got through to the NEC BBS in Boxborough. It was rather disappointing
really. I couldn't find *anything* related to the UltraLite line except for
one item for the UltraLite 286. I browsed all of the relevant files and
message directories. The only thing which might be of interest are technical
support bulletins, but it was hard to tell which apply to the UltraLite
(if any). Perhaps I'll pursue that some other time.

I left a message to the "sysop" asking if there was any UltraLite stuff which
might have been taken off line or if there was another BBS. I'll let you know
what the response is.

The NEC BBS had a pointer to the "NEC User's Group" BBS in New Ipswitch, NH
[phone number is (603)878-2567]. That BBS is somewhat more restrictive, and
wouldn't let me do much of anything last night. I checked in again today
and browsed all of the files directories. Nothing of any interest really,
and nothing relating to the UltraLite at all. Unfortunately I was only given
24 minutes for my session, so I was unable to check the messages directories.
I believe that there is an NEC Users Group message section. I'll check it out
this weekend and report, and just for fun I'll post a message asking for

All in all, I was unimpressed with what I found and quickly remembered why I
kind of dislike BBS's in general.

-Brian Smithson
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