Re: Welcome!
Wed, 10 Apr 91 11:11:17 -0400

The "drive doesn't look at the HD notch" problem also occurs with
some PS/2 models. I can't offer any solutions, just commiseration. 8-O
There's probably a line from the disk drive which is either ignored or
simply not connected. Actually, there are 2 solutions, both obnoxious:

1. Get one of those 3.5" disk notchers. Notch a disk when you manage
to format it wrong and use it. Cons: disk is going to be unreliable
and you should probably trash it as soon as you get the files off.
2. Copy the files to the silicon hard disk and reformat the floppy disk.
Cons: you'll have to free space on the silicon disk first.

(And I haven't even received my Ultralite yet!)

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