Re: Welcome!

Sy Ali (syali@cs.Buffalo.EDU)
Mon, 8 Apr 91 15:39:29 EDT

Thanks to Brian for setting up the list. I was going to suggest that he
do so if he cared to, however the press of work...

Hum, I had some questions, I forget from who, so I'll answer them.
XEQ is a program that puts .COM files into itself and allows you to
run them directly. This is useful since the HD block size is 4K and
a lot of useful .COM files are much smaller. PKLITE is a program that
compresses .COM & .EXE files, so that they uncompress & run when invoked,
thus reducing the space they require on the HD. If you use XEQ on
PKLITE'ed files you can achieve significant space savings. Both are
available at SIMTEL.

I donno how the HD works it doesn't appear to be (easily) removable,
I have a question myself, since it occurs to me that the economics of
these things sometimes dictate that the same device is used and just
labeled differently (or switches are set), as to whether the 1MG and
2MG HDs are actually different. Can anybody comment on this.

Also, about the disk drive, my disk drive formats ALL disks to 1.44M,
regardless of the presence/absense of the sense hole on the disk.
This is great as the disks appear to work fine, however the disk
drives on the SPARCs fail to recognize them (they must pay attention
to the sense hole). Does other peoples disk drives to this?

About using DGTERM or KERMIT or PROCOMM for file downloads.
If you have any TSRs such as a clock or calendar that are running
while you're doing a high-speed download, I suggest you remove
them. I recently had numerous problems up/downloading files at
19200 baud, which problems vanished upon removal of the offending TSRs.

I must agree that the screen smear when scrolling is REAL headache
inducing. However, the display is very good otherwise. One thing
that they DID get wrong is the lack of an external monitor port.
If they had that, I'd have been totally thrilled.

BTW, as far as cases for the sucker & disk drive are concerned,
I use a padded cassette (audio) case ($8) and a camera case ($7),
for the laptop and disk drive & floppy disks, respectively.

More later, Sy.